48 Hours

Do we feel too close?
Have we gone too far,
Our path a fantasy of crossed stars,
Or a glimpse of magic from above
That can only be known
By people in love?

I dream of 48 hours of time alone,
Slow, quiet hours to be with you,
48 hours to set us free,
48 hours of memories.

If it isn't right, how could this be wrong?
To each other's world we don't belong.
It isn't fair. We're a perfect fit.
We will never be, yet, in spite of this,
Because of this..


We'll know how it feels
When our time is real
To give love we've known
And could never show,
The love we've known
And could never show.

Though this dream of mine
May not come to pass,
I can't hide a wish that it will last,
And these feelings of magic from above
Stay for a lifetime of lasting love.


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