Cinderella on Halloween

Eight years old, made a costume for herself,
Waiting for the night she could dress as someone else.
Her parents never noticed, through arguments that year,
An invisible girl put plastic roses in her hair.

Chase all the ghosts and devils from my dreams.
Slay the fiery dragon with the sword of Hercules.
Turn all the witches into fairy queens.
Make me Cinderella on Halloween.

Twelve years now, a child nearly grown,
Her father out with someone,
Her mother drinks alone.
It seems like a lifetime since her last yearly prayer.
An invisible girl put plastic roses in her hair.


Smoke and mirrors,
Take me away,
In a horse-drawn carriage,
Far from games they play,
With bags of candy and flavored ice,
New glass slippers in paradise.

Older now, looking back at what she knew,
How her October dreams never did come true.
Yet hoping love forgotten might still be found somewhere
By invisible girls with plastic roses in their hair.



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