I Might Fall Apart

I might fall apart if you touch me.
I might fall apart at the seams.
Someone took my time, a part of my life away,
Stole the heart of my dreams.

I might fall apart if you listen,
Draw the tears left inside.
I never thought I could feel this way anymore,
Open to hope as I hide.

I see you now in the corner of my eye.
I feel you reachin' to catch me if I cry,
And if you say how you want me once again,
I'll give into this night, and love you till it ends.

You're tellin' me your life story,
How you have more things to do.
Well, that's not why you stand here in front of me.
You're missing love you once knew.


If I could sail with you
To the ocean's end,
We'd find our way once more
As lovers and friends.

I might fall apart if you touch me.
Couldn't place any blame.
All I know is that what I would give to you
Comes without doubt, without shame.




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