The Enchilada

I'm right here, eatin' my dinner,
You're out, findin' out
How the world goes 'round.
No new story, so dry your tears,
We've all been spinnin' this way for years.

Now I'm holdin' down the fort
With my enchiladas,
Sittin' here at home.
Got my sweetie and my enchiladas,
No more need to roam.
You go out and make your movies,
Show them who you are.
I'll stay here with my enchiladas,
No need to go that far.

Got my book & a window to look,
Today my view is crystal clear.
Stretchin' as far as a mind can see,
As I fill my cup with ginger beer.


I was on the run, never havin' fun,
Couldn't get to sleep, had no time to eat.
I was rushin' everywhere,
But never gettin' there. Always said,
"I gotta go" and missed the life I want to know.

They say life will drive you crazy,
An endless search for paradise.
Call me lazy. I'll prove you wrong.
I'll be just fine, stickin' with my song.



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