Angel's Smile

Looking through your window,
Leaves upon the sill,
Autumn's turned to winter.
Summer's memory still.
Now as you are leaving,
Parting from old ways,
Take this wish along with you
And blend it with each day.


May angels smile on you
When you're alone,
And friends reach out to you
When you're far from home.
May life be filled with song
And time that won't be long
Till you find your true love
And place where you belong.

Looking through your window,
Out to worlds unknown,
All that's certain is you'll have
A chance there on your own.
As the day is dawning
And new roads appear,
Trust the guide within yourself,
The touch of loved ones near.


Have faith and the sun will shine,
Visions clear as fate unwinds,
Dreams turn to memories of
Lovin' arms and stars above.


Find your true love
And place where you belong.


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