Dancin' Beat

Takin' life slower,
Got people to meet.
Time to watch the stars shine,
To dance in the street.
It's only evenin',
Have hours to go,
Before we belong to
The sun's early glow.

Grab the dancin' beat,
Syncopatin' rhythm,
Let the crazy heat
Make your decisions.
Movin' fine to the D.J.'s time,
Never lookin' back
From your dancin' track.

Same old situation,
Workin' all day.
Often find this job just
Isn't worth what it pays.
Get up each mornin',
Doin' the chores,
Waitin' for nightfall,
And freedom once more.


Come on. Don't wait for tomorrow.
Come on. Steps give us power.
Now believe you can leave,
And after the day,
Dance the night away.



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