You used to like to leave me hangin',
Guessin' what you're gonna do,
Tellin' me our life together
Was the perfect cure for you.
Then you'd leave and I'd be silent,
Thinkin' what I said was wrong,
Tryin' just to make the day work,
Waitin' for you all night long.


You're just a dreambreaker
On the way to destruction,
Creator of a thousand fantasies.
It worked for awhile.
You got what you wanted.
Now your tales of love
Have stopped workin' on me.

As I comb my hair I listen
To our song on the radio.
Now the melody sounds distant,
Of when you loved me long ago.
You told me this time was different,
Had me thinkin' you had changed.
Now what's happened here's so common,
Only have myself to blame.


I see you bringin' me disaster.
You want me to play your freedom game.
Don't touch me. I'll regret it after.
I can't love a man when
I know it's all in vain.

Double Chorus

You're just a dreambreaker,
Dreambreaker with fantasies 'n
Tales of love.


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