You Bring Joy to My Life

It's five in the morning.
I've been thinkin' about you,
How good you feel so close to me,
The little things that you do.
It didn't start as anything.
I was just passin' by.
Now I've learned about myself
Through reflections in your eyes.

You bring joy to my life,
When I thought I'd never feel it.
You bring joy to my life
In love's messages you send.
What you're givin' me
Is a faith that's never ending.
You bring joy to my life
And you've become my best friend.

Some people get that lucky chance,
A time to start anew.
I've seen them walkin' down the aisle,
Their love shinin' through.
I never thought I'd see this day,
To celebrate with you,
But now we're here and it's the time
To share my soul with you.


You see right through me,
Touchin' my mind.
Separate lives intertwined
In just a matter of time.

Double Chorus


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