Take My Hand

If you say what you don't mean,
I'll believe you.
If you whisper in my ear,
I'll stay.
Tonight, I've no ties.
I'm O.K. with little lies.
I'll be fine just to spend time with you.

Take my hand. Hold me tight.
In your arms, I'll be all right.
I don't care what they say.
All that's passed just brings today.

To the river's end is where I'm going,
To recover from the love I've lost,
'Cause what seems to be the end
Is really just the river's bend,
And a new way is worth
All its cost.


Through my troubles,
Through my tears,
Through old hopes
That end right here.
With this mission on my mind,
New life and love I'll find.


I don't care what they say.
From the past I'm free today.


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